MISS GRIFFI (SUSAN) 30 – 40 Years

English Teacher / Potential BIPOC Role

She started her teaching career fresh out of University, and teaching was her first real job. Teaching is all that Ms Griffi knows, and as such it defines who she is. Everything about her cries “teacher” from the way that she dresses to the way that she walks. Ms Griffi does not have a regular boyfriend, as she does not have time to waste on relationships at this point, putting all of her time and energy into her career. She is a ladder climber and a career professional, and she takes great pride in her work and her teaching abilities. She prides herself on organisation and punctuality, and she demands a high standard of herself and her students. 

Ms Griffi sees Dylan Bates as a threat because she does not agree with his “lax” teaching style. She considers substitute teachers as a lessor form of teacher, and is often talking down to Mr Bates. Ms Griffi surrounds herself with the icons of teaching, such as her special cups, pens, and teacher stationary. These bring her comfort, because they reinforce her sense of self. She is on very good terms with the leadership team at the school, and holds a position on the curriculum committee as the head of the English department. She has her eyes set firmly on an assistant principal role one day, and to help further this dream along, she has positioned herself as Principal Kluntz’s right hand person and confidant. 

Ms Griffi is well liked by the A+ students in the school because she dotes on them often. She has been the recipient of many a gift from these students, because their wealthy parents are grateful for her extra attention to their child. Ms Griffi is occasionally the target of some of the naughtier boys in the school who take advantage of her hearing loss on her left side.


Daily Organiser

Denise was captain of the Birregurra Saints netball team for five years in her late teens and early twenties. It was during those ‘formative’ years, that she developed her sense of competitiveness and learned the psychological art of intimidating one’s opponents. Although several years ago now (currently 42 years old), Denise is still in peak physical shape, and occasionally takes the opportunity to participate in charity netball games, where she still fiercely dominates the court. Denise is very vibrant and outgoing. She easily manipulates the men at the school with her charismatic charm, meaning that she never has any problem filling yard duties or emergency classes. She fully understands her power of attraction, but is careful not to abuse it, because she is kind hearted by nature. She loves flirting with the male staff, in particular with Mr Clegg, who has started to become a bit infatuated with her. Denise laps up the attention Mr Clegg gives her, because the relationship with her own husband has stalled. Denise is a highly organised and proficient administrator. She keeps the school running like clockwork. It is a mix of her high level of professionalism, olive tanned skin, and super fitness, that keeps teachers like Mr Bates hooked.

GEORGIA (Mrs Burns) 32 – 42 Years

Canteen Worker 

When Georgia was in her teens she dreamt of one day becoming a pop star and travelling the world. Her first real boyfriend ‘Kurt’ promised her stardom as a backup singer in his band, but the limelight soon faded into the dingy glow of neon lighting from a Motel sign; and when the bong haze had cleared from the room, she found herself staring at a dropkick of a partner who had left her with nothing but a baby in the basket. Georgia didn’t do much better with partner number two, and with partner number 3 she was onto her 5th child approaching the age of 40 with nothing to show but wrinkles and stretch marks. Realising that any dream of stardom had vanished, she diverted all of her energy into her children, to ensure that they would get a better start in life than she did. Her life now revolves around her children, which gives her more than enough jobs to juggle, especially seeing that she is trying to navigate her youngest child’s father (Patrick) through a separation process which involves him ‘not’ living in her house. This is still very much in the ‘transition period’, which throws a huge spanner in the works for her evolving relationship with Mr Bates. Despite always ending up with ‘dickhead’ men, Georgia is positive and optimistic about life. She is vibrant and exudes sexual energy like a nubile 20 year old. Mr Bates finds himself drawn towards Georgia because of her positive energy and kind heart. He makes excuses to meet her in the school canteen, but unfortunately luck isn’t often on their side.

KAREN 40 – 55 Years

LollyPop Lady

As a child, Karen was stifled by her parents, with limited opportunities to play with other children or engage in ‘normal’ childhood life. This left her with underdeveloped social skills, resulting in a slight personality disorder that manifests as exaggerated personality traits. Karen used to love listening to her grandfather tells stories of when he was an Old Bolshevik guard back in the Russian homeland. She recalls the glisten in his eyes as he recounted the time he had accompanied Lenin as his personal guard to meet H. G. Wells on his visit to Russia; and she recalls the sadness cloak his face when telling of how he had to flee the motherland during Stalin’s ‘Great Purge’. These stories resonated with Karen, and thus became a part of her own story and personality. Although never having travelled to Russia, and despite Russian rarely being spoken at home, she assumed a thick Russian accent and took on the persona of a KGB agent. In her present job as ‘Lollypop Lady’, she is over zealous, and amplifies her position of authority to a new level for the usually humble lollypop role. It is life or death when Karen is on duty. No one dares to take a step on the road before Karen blows her whistle. Karen’s only child Tia goes to the school and is often in Mr Bates’s classes. Karen absolutely adores her daughter, trying hard to keep her disciplined, but ultimately failing because she can’t help but to spoil her. You see, Karen keeps up a harsh exterior when in public, but behind closed doors she is a big softy. Along with her big ‘bikie’ looking husband Bruno, and their three English Bulldogs; they provide a rich and loving environment that ensures their daughter a safe & happy life.

MISS CUTMORE 40 – 55 Years

Year 12 Coordinator 

Mrs Cutmore is the coldest teacher of all. She is the year twelve coordinator and takes no shit from anyone. She prides herself in discipline and uses every trick in the book. Her cold shell comes from her inability to communicate. She is definitely on the spectrum. Mrs Cutmore is ruthless and almost enjoys being in control. She was bullied hard when she was a kid so she enjoys every second of having power. In one class Mrs Cutmore and the year twelves belittled a child so much they wet their pants. However, one day a student returns to the school for revenge.

DOT (Mrs Wentworth) 45 – 60 Years

Student Services Officer (Sexual Education Teacher)

She did her time in the classroom many years ago, starting her career when she was a just a pup at the age of 22, but by that time, she had already seen half of the world. Having been raised in a nudist colony by her hippie parents, she decided at the age of 15 that it was time to reject the ways of her parents and see what else life had to offer. Needless to say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and Dot loves to occasionally free herself from the burden of cloth, and run with naked abandon into the waves at her local beach. Dot has seen and lived through it all. In her late teens she went on a solo tour of the world, staying in Ashrams in the spiritual heartlands of India, and Kibbutz in Israel. She engaged in “free love” and just about every recreational substance available. Dot fully understands that her power is in her confidence of self. She has absolutely no inhibitions and there is no topic that is “taboo” to her. She holds this power over those with inhibitions, particularly men, who give her a wide berth out of fear for what she might do or say. Dot gave up full time teaching several years back and took up a position as a Student Services Officer. This gave her the opportunity to travel different schools, and work one-on-one with students who need the most help. Dot volunteered to teach Sex Ed in schools because she is so comfortable with the subject matter.

DESTINY 35 – 45 Years

Supporting role

Destiny has a heart of gold. She stumbles through life with a cochlear implant, often misreading the situations. She is almost Dylan’s partner, however Dylan has a phobia about commitment and tries to keep things as friends. Destiny has a few kinks, she loves leather and enjoys being in control. Sexually, she keeps Dylan on his toes. She always seems to be there to save the day.

TIA 13 – 20 Years

Major role

Tai, the daughter of Lollypop Lady Karen is a year 9 student at Stashamo High School. 

She is confident and headstrong, taking after her mother in many ways, but she would be embarrassed about admitting that she has anything in common with her mother. 

Tia likes to stay up to speed with the social politics of her generation. Her mother taught her to be proud of being a woman, and to always remember that she is “better than any man”. Born into a long line of matriarchs on both sides of her family, Tia has been well versed in feminist literature, and is now venturing into her own choice of genre, exploring books like “Girl Mans Up” and other books that question the binary gender “norms” that society considers acceptable. 

Tia chooses to be ‘non-binary’, not because she doesn’t identify with female or male genders, but more because she feels that she should not have to answer to society by “identifying” herself. She also sees this stance as an opportunity to support her peers that are going through identity transition. Tia is a bit of a mother-hen in the school. She keeps an eye out for others who may need help, and always likes to try to “keep the peace’; even if it means treading on toes to do so. 

Tia can be conceited, overbearing, and unapologetic at times, but we get to see the softer side of Tia when she is asked to perform her musical talents in front of her classmates, and she shies away from attention.

AVERY 13 – 18 Years

Minor role 

Avery is a Year 9 student with a hearing impairment. She is quiet, sweet, and well-liked by her peers. She often uses a “sound field device” to assist her hearing in class when the teacher is delivering complex information, but she is fluent in Auslan, and uses it often to communicate with others in the school who are also fluent.

KIARA 13 – 18 Years

Minor speaking role

Kiara, a Year 9 student at Stashamo, is confident and cheeky. She is forward and self-aware, and often likes to place her teachers into embarrassing positions by asking them awkward questions.

PENNY 13 – 18 Years

Minor speaking role

Penny a Year 9 student at Stashamo High School, is a reasonably confident student who takes her education seriously. She respects her teachers, and gives the naughty boys a menacing stare when they disrupt the class.

STELLA 15 – 24 Years

Major character role 

Stella is a very unusual character. She is introverted, but occasionally has overt outbursts, where she is either angry with someone, or she is talking about one of her passions, such as mythical beasts, or cosplay. Stella has extreme anxiety and specific social phobias, which are the reason why she either retreats into herself or goes into “fight” mode. Her outbursts could be interpreted by some to be violent, but all of the teachers and students know that she wouldn’t hurt a fly, so she is a much loved student who is appreciated for her unique personality.

PIPER 13 – 18 Years

Minor Role 

Piper is a nice sweet girl that always does the right thing, however, as such, she is often taken advantage of, and is usually the one teachers pick to run an errand or escort a student to a designated place.


General Students

  • An International student.
  • An Overactive student.
  • The dreaded bully.
  • An artsy creative.
  • The slacker.
  • Sports Captain.
  • The class clown.
  • A teacher’s pet.
  • A rebel student.
  • A loveable nerdy tech guru.