Creator / Actor / Producer / Writer

Paul is the Star and Executive Producer of ‘Rostered On’, an Aussie comedy series which explores the hell of working a mundane retail job. After clocking up more than 250 Million views online it secured distribution through Netflix and Channel Seven. A new spin off series ‘Counter Girls’ is in the pipeline, and will make its way to screens in 2023. Paul also spent five years playing the dorky ‘Wes Fitzpatrick’ on the television series ‘Winners and Losers’ for the Seven Network and has also Produced a Reality Adventure show called ‘Random Aussies’ which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime UK / US. Paul is also a qualified teacher and owns his own Acting School called Moore Acting Instinct, where he helps budding actors unlock their true super powers and teaches them how to be their own best friend. His thirst for storytelling began in 2014 while studying at Stella Adler Academy of Acting in L.A. Paul is all about the little moments in life and enjoys finding humour in every situation.


Creative Director

Alison is a passionately creative graphic and textiles designer with over 20 years professional practice. She gained industry experience working with some of the more well-known Surf brands, such as Rip Curl and Roxy. Over the past 18 years Alison has worked hard to build up a successful freelance design business ‘’, however, despite the heavy demands of business ownership, she remains a loving and devoted mother and wife. She enjoys travelling and keeping active with her family, dedicating time towards animal rescue, participating as an extra in the odd movie scene with her daughter and running marketing campaigns.



Having spent the past 10 years working professionally around the world in Vancouver, London, Sydney, Melbourne and alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names including George Miller, Mel Gibson, Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, Sam Worthington, Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton, Benedict Cumberbatch, just to name a few, Jackson came back to Australia in 2020 and got started on his feature directing debut “Dirty Little Secrets” in which, ironically, Stashamo High’s very own Paul Moore plays a pivotal role as a hilarious high school teacher. Drawing his inspiration from the comedy-minded genius of Judd Apatow and Adam Mckay, it is the relatable comedy-styling that Jackson can’t wait to bring out of Stashamo High.


Director of Photography

Becoming known for his cinematography in works such as the family drama “Dirty Little Secrets” (directed by Jackson Ezard and starring Paul Moore) and the horror feature “Residence” (directed by Matt Mirams), Konrad is becoming increasingly sort after for his award winning skills. His television credits in cinematography include series such as: “Method” (Channel 9 Go), the documentary “Stolen Glory” (SBS), “Poisonous Liaisons” (Crime UK), “Relentless” (SBS),Channel 7 Plus’s lifestyle programs “Weekend Prospector” & “Dippers Backyard BBQ Wars”, and Foxtel Comedy Channel’s “The Slot”. With light as his tool Konrad paints scenes with his camera, to ensure that the script’s story comes to life just as the creator had envisioned. He prides himself on perfection, and has a highly trained critical eye for detail. Being a fan of comedy and having shot many sketches for his favourite local comedians (Jack Druce, Damian Callinan, Hot Dads, Jordan Barr, Aaron Gocs and more), Konrad jumped at the chance to add his artistic touch to the Stashamo High School series. We are both delighted and honoured to welcome him aboard the Stashamo team.


Executive Producer

Cameron was born in Melbourne Australia and is a resident of Geelong Victoria since 2012 and began the journey of The Shaun Miller Foundation in 2015 after watching his only child and beloved son Shaun pass away in his arms from Childhood Congenital Heart Disease CHD in 2012. Shaun was a double Heart Transplant recipient and became a hero to the Cardiac Kid’s when he embraced CHD Heart Ambassador of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Australia the first cardiac child in the hospitals 149 year history. Cameron entered show business / film industry at the age of 15 auditioning at NIDA National Institute of Dramatic Art at the age of 19 he was advised to get some more life experience but working hard on the fringes of the film industry as a bit part player actor he learnt the hard way that acting wasn’t for him so gravitating to the filming side when he realised you can have a great Film but if it’s not distributed properly who is going too watch it?. Cameron always knew too surround yourself with successful people and learnt from the best close friends icon Actor Charles “Bud” Tingwell O.A.M and Australia’s leading film distributor Alan Finney O.A.M. He completed an intense course in film making in Melbourne with LA Producer and film educator / line producer Dov Simens who launched the careers of Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan, Spike Lee and Guy Richie Cameron produced two Australian classic films ‘YESTERDAYS HERO‘ and ‘GROOMLESS BRIDE‘ and worked on a screenplay with Bud Tingwell for 12 years titled ‘SECOND DRILL‘ Buds first direction position in his long and successful film career but sadly passing away before release in May 2009 to the prestigious honor of a Victorian State funeral. Verdict Film Groups first distribution was for the South Australian Film Corporation ‘SHOT OF LOVE’ 2006 after gaining extensive knowledge in distribution he spend time in heart of Hollywood where he created connections and became good friends with some of the leading Studio Producers and major acting Agents in L.A – ICM and Voltage Pictures.


Co Producer / Makeup Manager

Since starring as the lead role in her school’s musical production in Year 9, Danielle has pursued a passionate interest in the Arts and Entertainment industry. Once a silver medallist in Ballroom Dancing, she now volunteers her time to organise community focussed events at the Club Italia Geelong, such as the well-known Pasquetta Easter festival. Danielle was born profoundly deaf and relies on a cochlear implant and her loyal hearing assistance dog ‘Honey’. The two are inseparable, with Honey accompanying Danielle to work and to the long string of promotional events which make up their busy schedule. Danielle currently turns her 23 years of experience as a highly skilled administrator to help support others in the disability sector. She is also regarded as a ‘guru’ in the Hair & Beauty industry with over 25 years of dedicated work; and it appears that little dog Honey does not miss out on Danielle’s experience in this industry and the extra pampering, wearing an impeccable coat that could win any dog show. Danielle and Honey inspired several stories in the Stashamo High series, with each starring in cameo appearances.


Social Media Manager

Jess recently graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a double degree in Business and Arts, primarily focusing on the importance of business in the new world of social media. She has had a strong passion for performing arts and entertainment for as long as she can remember, growing up with the likes of the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. You can usually find her quoting TikTok videos and having a laugh with her friends and family. Jess is an empathetic, dedicated, and creative individual yearning to find positivity in all corners of life. She finds her purpose in helping others, encouraging people to proudly express their individuality and follow their dreams.

Wellbeing Officer

A dedicated and loving mother of two beautiful children with special needs Reni McKenzie has committed over eight years of care to those with high levels of need, working in hospitals as a Division 2 nurse in the age care sector. She completed her Bachelor of Social Work in 2020, and is currently completing a Masters of Disability and Inclusion at Deakin University.
Reni’s family, with Indigenous husband and children, is part of the Wathaurong Co-Operative. They enjoy long evening walks along the local beaches and hanging out at home with their ‘fur babies’. 
Reni has enjoyed a long career of working with children and teenagers with special needs, working as an Adult Facilitator, Swimming Volunteer, and Soccer Coach.
Reni joins the Stashamo team to help ensure all of our young people on set are well cared for, especially those requiring a little extra TLC.